Is It A Snake? Is It A Mushroom? NO. It Is A Glass Pipe

If you have smoked using the traditional wood glass pipes, you will notice the slight difference in flavor that is imparted to your tongue. These days, the presence of glass pipes in creative and colorful designs offer a better smoking experience. One of the common tips for smoking is to make use of glass pipes along with the best quality herbs, says a recent newsletter published in

What Is A Glass Pipe?
A glass pipe is used for the purpose of smoking different forms of herbs. They are produced by blowing the pipe into a bubble and then quickly transforming the bubble into its original state. This form of glass pipes is called honeycomb glass. It is interesting to note that like peas in a pod, no two glass pipes are similar. Artisans create these glass pipes, and most of them are hand blown while few others are hand-made.

There are five types of glass pipes according to their shape.
Chillums- This is the most commonly found glass pipe and are referred to as hand pipes. It consists of a glass tube and the users fill one end of the pipe with the smoking material and light fire at the other end. This type of glass pipes is best suited for small quantities of herb or tobacco.

Spoons- These pipes are the next version after Chillums and come with a small hole that serves as the carburetor. Using a thumb, the hole is covered, and the incoming air passes through the herb. When the carburetor is left open, all the smoke contained inside the pipe is quickly drawn in.

These pipes have a bowl or container fitted on one side of the glass pipe and bear a stark resemblance to a pipette used in the lab. The open-ended bowl serves as the carburetor, and you can see the presence of tiny chambers inside the glass pipe. This favors the smoke to roll inside, and you will enjoy a great smoking experience.

Gandalf Pipes
Sherlock pipes take their name after the famous literary characters used them. A delicate arch makes way for a bowl at the bottom. A Gandalf Pipe differs from a Sherlock Pipe in the length of the stem.

With a Bubbler pipe, the rancid taste of the tar is eliminated, and the smoke is diffused through water before it is taken in. The tiny chamber is filled with water inside. If you use hot water, the vapor is added to the smoke and aids in better smoking. Cold water is a standard choice and lends a crisp taste.

Is It Good To Use A Glass Pipe?
Why not? If you want to enjoy a good taste of the herbs or nicotine, you can make use of these colorful devices. The glass used to design the pipe has non-combustible properties and is absolutely non-porous. These glass pipes come in artistic styles, and they are mostly coveted for their designs.
You can find them in designs like a unicorn, snake and other fancy motifs. Imagination is the limit, and you can find mushrooms, trees, and flowers that will appeal to your senses.

Methods Of Cleaning
In order to avoid the collection of tar and resin matters, it is important to clean the pipes regularly. Placing them in a pot of hot water allows the grime and residue to be removed from areas that cannot be reached using a toothbrush.
The second method is to immerse the glass pipe in a solution of alcohol and salt that helps remove the resin residues.

Final Word
Steer clear of health hazards and practice the habit of exercising limit. The glass pipe can be broken if they are tended carelessly, and special care of the bubbles must be taken to avoid the risk of personal injury.