Love Your Family And Choose Your Friends

A number of us are born to more nurturing families and a few people are forced to become more independent at an earlier age. The family that we obtained isn’t something we had some control over. And if you’re thinking: Hey, you have not seen my family yet. Well, just think of it this way: Perhaps our Creator gave you the family you have to better prepare you for the actual world outside of your dwelling. We’ve got some power in picking them, so they’re an entirely different story.

We’re going to spend a whole lot of time together with these other people outside our family that we call our friends. Heck, someday we’ll even marry a boyfriend or girlfriend. Hopefully, he or she’ll be our very best friend, but not our only friend. And because we will be spending plenty of time with our friends, they will have lots of influence over our thoughts and actions. Friends can make us or break us, so we pick them wisely. And the boyfriend or girlfriend which we choose to take on as our partner only instills that principle of making or breaking us. So, we better give a whole lot of thought to which buddy we would like to devote the rest of our life with, in addition to, which other friends we frequently hang around with. Hey, we can not help it. We have a tendency to mimic our social environment, and part of the environment is our friends. It Doesn’t mean we are weak: it just means that we’re human

Remember to love your loved ones, but to choose your friends wisely. And once more, thanks in advance for everything you do, and everything you will do…

Journaling Your Way to Inner Peace

I have written in journals because I was in high school. There have been periods when I did not write anything, but I treasure the writings that I do have as they reveal just how I have grown and matured through the years.

Many of those “enormous problems” I had in the time I cannot even recall now.

I’ve journals from high school, army days, school, medical school, residency, raising kids, traveling and experiences. I treasure them all because it’s awesome how much we overlook if we don’t have any record of it.

A great friend of mine asked me recently what kinds of things I diary. He had been feeling stuck because he had been writing down everything he did every day and realised I might have some journaling tips.

Hint 1: Start Today

The first tip I have for you is begin journaling today. I believe it is among the most effective tools you can cultivate.

Hint 2: Summarize & Assess

A frequent misconception with journaling is that you ought to write down everything that happened daily. A journal isn’t intended to be an hour-by-hour ledger of the day but instead your reflection daily.

Summarize your daily life by 1) what you did, 2) what you did wrong, and 3) what you can learn from that. How do you do?

Hint 3: Think Deeply

Another thing to have in your journal is deeper notions like trials you’re going through, personal thoughts, relationships and the excitement and issues they might be causing.

1 thing I’ve learned through my journaling is it is simple to create your life on paper seem like everything is terrific. Perhaps my journals can help them determine how I solved issues, and in some small way, help them with their problems.

Hint 4: Think Freely

A journal is a superb place to think. It’s a fantastic place to get all the ideas that circle around on your head out on newspaper and an even greater place to examine them.
A diary is also a wonderful place to chart your path, your aims and your dreams. Where are you going in every area of your life, and are you pleased about that? If you’re not happy, what do you do about it? This is where to make plans, acknowledge where you’ve messed up and create plans to repair your life.

Hint 5: Gather Away

Finally, your journal is a superb location for you to pocket away special treasures you find such as pictures, stories and poems.

When everything else on earth stops and whatever you’ve got or are is wrapped up in another breath and the next step you take. You’re living in the moment.”