Trick On Setting Up Your First Grow Tent

grow tent1

A little bit of greenery can go a long way to transform a house into a home. But, not all of us are lucky enough to have outdoor space to grow plants. Some of us have barely any space to store are essentials. The best solution is indoor gardens, and the best way to achieve those is grow tents. Grow tents are an exterior structure that with the help of equipment can grow plants. You can take a look at 4×4 or 3×3 grow tent here, to get an idea of how they look.

To get inspiration for decorating your home with grow tent plants browse through Here the focus will be on pitching a grow tent. For the first-timers, a grow tent, or a moveable grow room will look like a scramble of fabric and poles. But doubt not, the tent was developed and fabricated with detailed planning. From the placement of the vents to the thread density of the fabric, every inch of a grow tent is calculated painstakingly to give maximum output. Just a little bit of work on your part and the grow room will be ready to use.

The actual process of assembling the tent is as easy as setting up the frame and then attaching the cloth. But, there are some tips and tricks that will help the procedure for those setting up a grow tent for the first time.
• If the location of the tent is going to be a corner of the room, ensure that the door or any access point is not blocked. The same applies to the viewport.
• The location of the tent should also be near the intake and exhaust vent of the room.
• A grow tent will need a considerable amount of power. Therefore, make sure it has electrical access. Furthermore, check that the same circuit is not connected to any other big electrical appliance in your home. If you are setting up a large or a medium sized grow tent, it is advised to use a dedicated power circuit for it.
• Check if the grow tent you have has vents and ports that will match with your planned installations. Both the location of the vents and the number should correspond.
• Will you need to mount a fan inside or outside the tent?
• For those setting up a grow tent inside a furnished room, invest in total blackout tents. If not that, then look for light blocking material to cover ports, vents and even the zipper portion of the tent. Also, opt for a grow tent that has a substantial quality spill tray.
• Space is a constant issue. So, before setting up the tent check if there will be enough room left to store all supplies and tools.
Every one of these tips has been learned through practice. A person who has pitched a portable grow room before will have encountered such problems. For the initiates, it is recommended to stick to these points. It will save you up on time and energy in the long run.