Top Tips On Hair Care

hair care

There are many different conclusions when it comes to hair care; some experts suggest oiling hair others not to, some say wash daily others say don’t clean often. But there are a few things that almost all agree is that diet is the first thing that you should think of to take care of your hair. Food rich in iron and protein should be consumed for the fast growth of hair cells followed by using a good quality shampoo to keep your hair clean. You can refer to many hairloss shampoo review to find a good one. Another thing to remember is that hair care is not only for adults, but kids too So, teach healthy eating habits with a focus on consuming iron and protein-rich foods to have a lustrous hair.
There are a few easy steps that you should partake apart from healthy diet and follow good hair hygiene. Find those steps below:

Hair washes:
Ensure that you use a good shampoo to wash your hair but do not overuse it. Apply shampoo not more than twice a week. Look for the shampoo that suits your hair type. If you have
Curly hair: Opt for anti-frizz and hair softening shampoos.
Straight hair: Go for mild shampoos as may have to use it daily as the scalp can get oily quickly.
Colored hair: Products that contain amino acids.
Dry hair: More glycerin and collagen containing shampoos to moisturize the hair.
You should condition your hair with a good conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. That will help in keeping your hair smooth as well as restore the moisture content.

Drying the hair: The next important hair care tip is the way to dry your hair. Often when you are in a hurry and want to dry your hair, you blow-dry it using a drier. That should be avoided as hair tends to fall off due to heat. After a shower, wrap your hair with a soft cloth like a T-shirt as towels can cause your hair to frizz. You should not brush your hair when it is wet as the hair becomes weak and brittle, tangles should be removed with a brush which has a broad surface. Use a hair bun if you wash it overnight.

Combing hair: Do not brush your hair often as the strands of your hair can get damaged and cause split ends. If you fear that the tangles will get worse post-drying, then use a comb which has a large tooth to remove it. It is better if you can remove those tangles with your fingers than using a comb. To get rid of split ends, you should trim the ends regularly at least once in two months.

Natural styling: Hair can easily get damaged by perming, straightening, coloring, etc. Avoid getting it as a permanent thing; you should do it occasionally not to damage your hair. Do not pull back your hair tightly either using a rubber band or with a pin as they can damage the roots. Instead, opt for updos or other styles which do not harm the roots.