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May 2010 Vol. 13 No. 8


The folkloric dance tradition of Cinco de Mayo

Dance has always played an important role in human history, according to Victor Torres, professor of Chicano and Latin American Studies. During Cinco de Mayo, folkloric dance helps people remember the struggle for freedom.

"One thing about dance people don’t realize — it is just not for fun," says Torres. "Dance has a particular social meaning significance, whether it’s for religious purposes or social purposes. In conflict, dance serves as a way to unify people. It is a way to establish cohesiveness."

At one time, dance in Mexico was prohibited by the Spanish because Spanish forces were afraid that it might build a sense of Mexican nationalism. So dance has played an important part in social movements and wars. During Cinco de Mayo, dance helps Mexicans remember their past. See the full story with video here.



Dr. OliaroCommencement a special celebration for all who contribute
Fresno State’s Commencement is a culmination of the efforts of everyone on campus, according to Paul M. Oliaro, vice president for Student Affairs. It's a celebration of all the work university employees put into students' lives.

"Every Commencement is special, because it is a celebration of what we do as a university," says Oliaro. "Yes, it begins with celebrating the academic achievements of our students. That’s the most important part, but we also celebrate all the hard work of faculty, staff, and managers across the campus who work every day to help our students succeed. So it really is a campus-wide celebration." See the full story with video here.


Fresno State secures $620,000 grant to lead further collider research
Fresno State has secured a two-year, $620,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to assist faculty and student researchers collect data from the CERN Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland.The grant will pay to build a large computing center, known as a Tier 3 Facility, to be operated from the Fresno State's campus. The facility will be one of 10 locations in the United States where information collected by a Toroidal Large Hadron Collider Apparatus (ATLAS) will be available for study by students and faculty working with the Large Hadron Collider. See the full story here.


Budget reductions and layoffs hit Fresno State
A significant reduction in state budget dollars will necessitate layoffs of Fresno State employees beginning July 1. In a tentative budget plan, campus officials have identified a variety of cutbacks, consolidations and reductions, and it appears that the cumulative impact will result in layoffs of approximately 46 state-funded managers and staff. The tentative budget plan does not include employee furloughs. Most of Fresno State's 2,200 faculty and staff were furloughed for 24 days in 2009-10. The university's Athletics program also is experiencing reductions. The Athletics division has been required to reduce its university-funded allocation at the same standard proportion as all other units. See the full story here.

Centennial photoHistory of commencment at Fresno State
Fresno State has a rich history of tradition at Commencement. As the 100th Commencement in May 2011 approaches, the university has begun celebrating its past. This year, the 99th class graduates from Fresno State, but excitement about the school's Centennial year has already started.

Commencements mark the university's journey since its beginnings as Fresno State Normal School on September 11, 1911, at Stanislaus and O streets in downtown Fresno.

This year the 99th annual Commencement will be held May 22. A 13-month celebration began last month, bringing alumni and the entire community to campus to mark the school's Centennial.

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