April 2004 • Vol 7• No 8
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Cindy Matson joins administration

Fresno State’s newest Vice President, Cynthia Teniente-Matson, arrived on campus Monday, March 30, to start her new job as VP for Administration and Chief Financial Officer.

“I am excited about all the wonderful opportunities that exist at Fresno State,” said Matson. “I am happy to be a part of a dynamic campus that is innovative and growing.”

Matson, who has broad experience in university business, administrative and financial matters, was named to the position last fall. Until her arrival, Dr. Jeannine Raymond, director of Human Resources, served as interim vice president. more

Hospitals contribute $720,000 to nursing

A new partnership between California State University , Fresno and four Fresno-area hospital groups will allow Fresno State to train more nurses to meet the critical shortages in the Valley.

The three-year Nursing STAT partnership joins Fresno State with  Kaiser Hospital , Saint Agnes Medical Center, Children's Hospital Central California and Community Medical Centers. more

Chancellor Reed speaks on State of the CSU

Now that California voters have passed the state's bond measures Propositions 57 and 58 and also continued to show their support for quality education with the passage of Proposition 55 (by a landslide), and thank you all for that  we can start looking ahead.

The state still faces a deep financial hole, and the CSU has experienced three years of continued cuts to its budget. We know that in these tough economic times we are not immune from funding reductions. more

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