February 2005 • Vol 8 • No 6
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Welty: Budget news encouraging

President Welty reported at the annual Spring Assembly on Jan. 13 that the campus faces a brighter budget picture than in any of the previous three years.

Welty told faculty and staff that Fresno State stands to see its state appropriation increase by $11.4 million in 2005-06 if the budget proposed by the governor is adopted. That comes after repeated budget restrictions in recent years. more

Renaissance Group Loogo.Fresno State to welcome The Renaissance Group

Fresno  State has been selected to host the executive offices of The Renaissance Group, a prestigious national consortium of colleges and universities with a major commitment to the preparation of educators.

The Renaissance Group (TRG) has 36 member universities preparing one in 10 of all new teachers for America. more

Curtis wins Award of Excellence

Faculty member and health researcher Dr. Kathleen Curtis has been presented the   “President’s Award of Excellence” for 2005.

Curtis, who joined the faculty in 1995, has served since 2002 as the director of research and external programs for the College of Health and Human Services and director of the Central California Center for Health and Human Services at Fresno State. Curtis previously was professor and chair of the Department of Physical Therapy. more

Save Mart Center ranks 24th in world

The Save Mart Center was ranked No. 24 in the world in attendance at concerts and programs during 2004 by the industry's leading magazine, making it the highest-attended collegiate facility. more


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