April 2005 • Vol 8 • No 8
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Communication faculty

Isabel Kaprielian-Churchill

George B. Kauffman

Matthew Jendian

George B. Kauffman

George B. Kauffman (Chemistry, Emeritus) has been named by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, to the 2004 ACS Legislative Action Honor Roll, which recognizes "ACS members who demonstrate a deep commitment to the promotion of legislation and policies that advance science and promote the interests of the chemical enterprise and its practitioners by communicating with members of Congress and other policymakers on a regular basis."

He is also the author of the following: "Melvin Calvin," in "Chemistry: Foundations and Applications," Joseph J. Lagowski, Editor in Chief, Macmillan Reference USA: New York, 2004, Volume 1, pp. 159-160; "Rosalind Franklin," Volume 2, pp. 123-125; "Gilbert N. Lewis," Volume 3, pp. 28-30; "Linus Pauling," Volume 3, pp. 223-225; "William Ramsay," Volume 4, pp. 62-64; "Rubber," Volume 4, pp. 92-96; "Frederick Soddy," Volume 4, pp. 130-131; "Chaim Weizmann," Volume 4, pp. 276-277; "Alfred Werner," Volume 4, pp. 277-279; "Robert B. Woodward: Organic Synthesizer par excellence-On the 25th Anniversary of His Death," The Chemical Educator, 9, 172-176 (2004); "John C. Bailar, Jr. (1904-1991): Father of American Coordination Chemistry-A Centennial Retrospect," 177-181(2004); "Fritz Haber: Chemist, Nobel Laureate, German, Jew," 190-192 (2004); "Favorite Demonstrations for College Science," 192-193 (2004); "Primo Levi: A Life," 193-195 (2004); "The Human Genome," 195-197 (2004); "A Tribute to Arnold Beckman: Inventor, Scientist, Benefactor," The California Tech (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California), 105(30), 1, 6 (2004) (with Laurie M. Kauffman, and Harry B. Gray); "Sulfuric Acid: King of Chemicals-History, Chemistry, and Some Demonstrations of H2SO4,", in "Favorite Demonstrations for College Science," edited by Brian R. Shmaefsky, NSTA Press: Arlington, VA, 2004, pp. 109-114 (with student Scott D. Pennington).


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