May 2005 • Vol 8 • No 9
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Fine receives Excellence in Teaching Award
Dr. L-Jay Fine (pictured left), associate professor of Recreation Administration and Leisure Studies, has been awarded the top teaching award at Fresno State. more

Library staff members take a look at the warehouse facility in which books will be stored during construction.

Library transition begins

Library offices and staff members are relocating from the older portion of the Henry Madden Library to the newer portion, as the $91 million redevelopment and expansion project moves forward. more

Col. Husband honored
The late Air Force Col. Rick Husband, commander of the Space Shuttle Columbia and an alumnus of Fresno State, was memorialized on campus on April 2, with a plaque in the Engineering East Building. more

University High’s new home
Schematic drawings for a permanent University High School home at Fresno State will be presented to the CSU Board of Trustees for approval at the July 2005 board meeting.

The new UHS building will replace the open Amphitheater in the area between the Speech Arts and Music buildings. The completed structure will be approximately 37,000 square feet in size. more

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