October 2005 Vol. 9 No. 2

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Osher Institute a hit with 400 attendees
The first program of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Fresno State was a resounding hit with more than 400 people coming to campus to hear a lecture by Dr. Victor Davis Hanson, a classicist and historian with Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and an emeriti Fresno State professor. He spoke on “America at a Crossroads” on Sept. 28. The next Osher program will be offered twice, Oct. 12 and 13, featuring Dr. William Sadler. He will present a workshop on staying revitalized for the next 10, 20, or 30 years. More...

Governor OKs CSU doctorates
The governor’s signing Sept. 22 legislation that authorizes California State University, Fresno and the other CSU campuses to independently offer the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree will “staunch some of the brain drain” from Fresno and the surrounding region, said Fresno State’s graduate dean. “This is a giant leap forward for our campus,” said Dr. Vivian A. Vidoli, dean of the Division of Graduate Studies. “I’m really excited about this development.”  More...

Former mayor donates official papers to archive
The Central Valley Political Archive (CVPA) of the Henry Madden Library at California State University, Fresno, has announced the acquisition of the papers of former Fresno mayor Dan Whitehurst.  More...

Arne Nixon Center receives 6,000 cats books
The ‘Dogs at Fresno State are welcoming cats to the campus – 6,000 of them! The Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at California State University, Fresno has accepted a donation of what is arguably the world’s largest collection of books on cats – some 6,000 volumes published from 1727 to 2001. By comparison, the next-largest collection is 3,500 volumes at Yale University.  More...


President Welty urges participation in hurricane relief efforts
Hurricane Katrina has been called the greatest natural disaster to ever hit the United States.  Now Hurricane Rita has impacted the lives of millions of additional Americans and towns and cities across Texas and Louisiana have joined the millions already devastated by Katrina. Approximately three weeks ago, I announced the Fresno State Hurricane Relief Project.  The goal of this university-wide project is to have every single member of our university community (students, staff, faculty and administration) contribute at least $1 toward the needs of those whose lives have been forever altered by Hurricane Katrina.


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