March 2006 Vol. 9 No. 7

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Services for Students with Disabilities will get new office

Work has begun to remodel the former Carl’s Jr. restaurant in University Center as the new home for Services for Students with Disabilities. The move from the existing office in the Madden Library is expected by summer.





Fresno State volunteers trained and ready for ReadFresno
The first contingent of Fresno State volunteers is getting its assignments after training for participation in ReadFresno, a priority effort in the university’s engagement with the immediate Fresno community.

ReadFresno is a collaborative of nonprofits, institutions, businesses, and individuals concerned about early childhood literacy in Fresno, specifically trying to get every child in Fresno Unified Schools to read at or above grade level by third grade. The idea is to get children reading at an early-enough age that they’ll be successful in school, leading them to success in higher education and with the rest of their lives.

The community benefits, too, because a better-educated work force is more attractive to business developers, ReadFresno director Kristine Walter said during one of the Fresno State training sessions.

Walter said she was impressed by the early response from Fresno State, which led to a standing-room-only crowd at the first training session on campus.

The program is uncomplicated. Volunteers go to schools once or twice a week to read with children who are struggling to improve their reading skills. More...

Grant allows Fresno State to focus on preventing violence against women
Fresno State is just one of 31 universities nationwide that received grants from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women – Campus Program. The nearly $200,000 grant to Fresno State will finance a partnership with community organizations to raise awareness of violence against women and to develop a prevention and intervention program for the university.

Silvia Barragan’s social work efforts rate national recognition
The Council on Social Work has honored Fresno State’s Silvia Barragan, a field liaison and instructor for the Department of Social Work, as one of four recipients of the national “Heart of Social Work” award. Barragan, a six-year faculty member, supervises students specializing in child welfare and family services.

CSU Summer Arts programs will enliven Fresno State
For the eighth consecutive year, Fresno State becomes the cultural center of the California State University system in July when CSU Summer Arts takes up lively residence for four weeks. There are 17 two-week, three-unit courses in this year’s curriculum hosted by Fresno State’s College of Arts and Humanities. About 500 students are expected during the month and the community will benefit from 41 public performances of music, dance, puppets, satire and more. Such an ambitious program couldn’t happen without the efforts of Fresno State faculty. More...

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