Process of copy attestation

There are websites exists on the internet that provides fast and convenient services for individuals who want their documents to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Ajman offshore company formation. By these kinds of services, the individuals can save their time on queues and tokens. Because if you go to the ministry of foreign affairs you have to wait a lot for your turn. 

The procedure of true copy attestation in Dubai can be done when documents gets issued by different authorities like central, provincial and local government. These documents are planned to use for foreign affairs. 

The documents for ministry of foreign affairs can be submitted by the main person who is the applicant or the family member with the authority letter. The person who is submitting the document on behalf of the main person is required to show original ID card/Passport/ Driving license/ University card/ domicile. Actually, these documents are needed to show the originality of the main person. If the main person has no relatives who live in Pakistan then he or she has to issue a letter authentically signed by Pakistan High Commission Abroad to the authorized to be brought at the counter along with related documents.

The documents are attested in only two languages. One is English and the other one is Urdu. The documents translated in other languages other than the mentioned languages are not authentic and cannot be attested. 

The attestations can be done all around the regions in Pakistan and they all have same weightage and authenticity. The photocopy or translation of any documents will be attested when original document is presented and attested by the grade 17 Officer or the officer above 17 grade. 

There are many documents which are not required for the attestation in ministry of foreign affairs. For example, passports, domicile, ID card or documents related to real estate like plots or agricultural land. 

There must be an arrangement of documents when you submit them to ministry of foreign affairs. First you have to put the documents which you want them to be attested then the CNIC of the applicant. If the main person is not available then there has to be an authority letter which is giver to the representative on behalf of the main person. If the main person who is the applicant is married then the document of nikkah nama or marriage certificate is required for attestation.