FAQs About ISO Certification

There was a time when people used to start business and give service or sell products and people would get buy them and get them without any problem. But this innocence was taken advantage but many fraudsters and that is why people started to set some standards.

These are the standards and rules that has to be followed by different business who give services and who give products as well. Even if there is an online service provider they need to get to those standards to make sure that the get max customers.

If you have a company and you have been hearing much about ISO 9001 certification in Dubai or you have been advised by people get the certified safety professional course in Dubai but you don’t know what it means, then obviously you have tons of questions in your mind and we here, have made to answer the most frequently asked questions about it, read the post below and see if you have your answer or inbox us a query;

  1. Most people have a question that how long does it take to get the company to get the ISO 9001 certification? And the answer is that it takes three months and these three months, the professionals will pass your company through the following phases;
  2. Development
  3. Implementation
  4. Internal audit and management review.
  5. People also ask what are the steps of getting ISO 9001 certification? And the answer is that you can get this in 3 simple steps;
  6. You have to build the Quality Management System.
  7. You have to implement the above system.
  8. You have to hire an external audit and have an internal auditor to review the above implemented system.
  9. People ask that exactly is the ISO 9001 certification? And the answer is that it is a kind of certificate that is given to the company who meet the quality standards of the third party audit.
  10. People also ask that are there any fake ISO 9001 certificates? And the answer is yes, there are many outsourcing companies who says that they are working for the main organization and they issue you the almost exact certificate. The fake company can be identified that they give their services for cheap.
  11. People ask that how long is this certificate valid for like in how many months or years? It is valid for three years.