Fun Facts About Clothes

There facts about everything and there is not a thing in the world that does not have facts. Facts are amazing and interesting and they can be fun as well. Some people say that facts and stats are boring but the fact about this fact is that they surprise us a lot and due to these facts and stats, the innovation and progress is made. There are different types of people who need different kind of clothes, some need short clothes and some need to buy plus size clothes in Dubai or plus size swimwear in UAE and even clothes have some interesting and fun facts that you are about to read below and get your mind blown;

  1. There was a couple who were going in for a theme party in 1999 in United States and they dressed up as iron man and iron woman. All of a sudden, the rain pour down and the lightening also started to struck and we all know how the thunder light loves the iron and steel and sadly that couple was struck by lightening and due to extreme current, they passed away right there and then.
  2. We all love shopping malls because there is so much variety and these shopping malls are latest but you will shocked to hear this fact that the oldest shopping malls were started in the ancient Romans and this trend of shopping malls was started by them as well.
  3. The Romans were very fascinated about the clothes they wore and that is why they used to wear lucky charms of their private parts to make sure that their personal health stays active and in optimum condition.
  4. There is a saying that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. But in 1918 the color scheming was totally the opposite because blue was for girls because it was said to be a delicate color and pink was for boys because it came from red and red is strong color. Though people still gender discriminate on different levels now.
  5. Heals are said to be the women’s second wing woman. But you will be shocked to know that the heals was a trend by men from the west or you can say the cowboys got this style in and we don’t know why they used to wear them.