Procedure to startup a restaurant business in the UAE

There is no doubt that the UAE is the best place for businesses. This country is loaded with human resources and many places provided the UAE government for business purposes such as mainland or free zone areas. This is why the economy of this country is growing promptly; especially the food and restaurant industry is playing a crucial role in it. You may find Indian, Italian, continental, and some best Chinese food delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Setting up a restaurant in UAE is like heaven for the business owner, but they need to follow the procedure to start up a business. 

Here is the procedure of starting up a business:

Food code:

In UAE there is food code that informs and guide restaurants about the food safety regulation. The food code is controlled by the food department of the UAE. You need to fulfill the requirements for food business such as NOC and getting a license. In food code you need to provide a clean environment and food to customers under food law regulations, it applies to grocery stores, restaurants, canteen, cafes, and bakeries.

Food license:

This license allows investors to establish a restaurant business in the UAE. UAE food safety department requires the following documents for license approval:

  • No Objection Certificate is provided by the Department of Economic Development.
  • Layout detail of premises
  • If you want to open a restaurant in the shopping mall, you have to get permission from the planning department.
  • Food safety criteria
  • The liquor license for café or bar.

Construction requirements for the restaurant:

When you get the approval or food license, the next step is to construct or build a restaurant. For restaurant construction you need to fulfill the further requirements:

  • Neat and clean building.
  • There should be one direction of food flow, which is easy to clean.
  • Toilets should be separate 
  • Storage areas should be away from kitchens.
  • Hygiene environment.


Location plays a crucial role in the success of any business, especially in the restaurant business. You may find the best location for restaurants in UAE but it will depend on cost. Before setting up a restaurant, you can visit some hotels for ideas, or find the online location of continental or Chinese restaurant delivery, ask them about their experience of the current location. It can help you find the best location for your restaurant business.