Royal themed bedroom décor ideas

Sometimes a little change is good. Rather than choosing the same old traditional styles, opting for something new, innovative and different is a right choice as well. Decorating the room, a little royal this time will definitely help you feel the change. However, you need some help with the royal room décor, since it can be a bit of challenge. Here we have made up a list of royal themed bedroom décor ideas that you’ll certainly adore.

Dark and Gold:

Who said darker interior cannot give a perfect royal look? You can choose the right furniture, wallpapers and room décor and make an ordinary room into a royalist heaven. Combining darker walls, bed-sets and rugs along with gold finish furniture, lamps and décor is a perfect combination of a royal look. To further enhance the bedroom décor, you can add a gold and glass chandelier and make the bedroom majestically royal.

Pink Royalty:

Combination of some vintage, finely-crafted, and beautifully designed furniture along with pink and gold combo can give you an insanely exquisite royal look. You can keep the floor wooden to further enhance the overall look of the room. Your first priority for the furniture should be white along with pink walls. For further enhancement, place a rug, shelves, a stand and a dressing table too. Lastly, don’t forget to add pastel pink chiffon curtains to complete the look.

White round bed:

Round beds aren’t so common. However, they do play a significant role in enhancing the royalty of your room. Round beds with either velvet covers or silk bed sets and luxury foam mattress are a perfect royal touch to the room. You can also add throws and extra pillows to make the overall look elegant. To complete the look of the royal bedroom, add a rug, chandelier, gold-tassel lamps, light-shaded curtains and dressing tables.

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