Surprising benefits of Canadian citizenship

It is always honored and privileged to get citizenship in any country. There are lots of benefits of getting citizenship of other countries such as health care, security, rights, study, work, and relief in tax. The Canadian government offers permanent residence in Canada. There are many benefits of getting Canadian citizenship like, you may vote and can take a part in political activities, get access to more jobs, have a Canadian passport, etc. You may find many immigration consultants in Chennai for Canada that can help you with applying for citizenship.

Here are some surprising benefits of Canadian citizenship:

Get access to more jobs:

People who don’t have citizenship are restricted for particular jobs like government jobs. The government of Canada requires citizenship for applying for these jobs. After getting citizenship, people get a chance to apply for more jobs beneficial jobs. On the other hand, people need to get security clearances for certain jobs.

Citizen people can vote and run political offices:

When people get Canadian citizenship, automatically they become eligible for vote casting. They can also run any political office. Citizens play a vital role in Canadian politics and have provincial and federal influence. They can also represent Canada in different places such as foreign policy and education.

Can travel anywhere on a Canadian passport:

Getting a Canadian passport is always privilege and honor. The Canadian passport is more beneficial, because you may travel freely anywhere in the world on a Canadian passport. Many countries allow Canadian citizens to enter without visas. You may also enjoy dual citizenship because Canada recognizes dual citizenship. But some countries don’t allow dual citizenship, that’s why Canada is the most preferable country.

Never worry about losing status:

This is another great benefit of having citizenship. You may spend a lot of time outside Canada and won’t lose your status. One the other hand permanent resident is restricted, they can’t spend enough time outside the country, and otherwise, they will lose their status. Another thing any criminal activity may cause of losing status in
Canada for permanent residents.

Don’t need to renew immigration documentations:

There is no restriction on the renewal of immigration documents for Canadian citizens. Otherwise, permanent residents need to renew their documents after five years.

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