Duties of a Counselor

Every career and job out there in the world have some kind of duties and responsibilities that they have to do. And the people who say that they have a job that has nothing much to do then we think that they don’t g jobs, they are just passing time and getting money.

Some people would love such types of jobs because there is nothing they have to do and they keep getting money but some will hate it because there is nothing to learn and moreover, there is nothing to do.

So, one must find a job that has duties and that has some learning curve and that has some advantages to other humans as well. If you are a compassionate person and you feel for others then we suggest that you should become an anxiety specialist in Dubai and give the best counselling services in Dubai.

This post is best for those who are about to become a counselor and who are about to get services from a counselor. The person who is about to become a counselor, he or she will know what are their duties and the person hiring a counselor will know that are they doing their duties well since they are expensive to hire;

Work with groups and individuals: there will be times when you will be asked to give counselling sessions to individuals and there will be times when you will be asked to give counselling sessions to groups as well.

Encourage people to talk: it is your job to know that what is going on inside the people’s mind and heart and not all will talk to you openly and for such people, it will be your job to find out what is keeping them from opening and you will have to make sure that they speak.

Examining the issue: this will be hardest and the most basic thing that you have to do. Let us say that you have succeeded in making sure that the person has started talking and he or she has said it all and now it is your job to find out what is the basic issue with them and then find out ways or cure to tackle it and see what is causing the issue and get to the root of the cause.