Facts About Robots

Robot is a thing or you can say a machine that is almost like a human being but the brain is programmed by a human and it is programmed in a way that it thinks like a human or somewhat to a level. It is not necessary that a robot has to be one like a movie that it has to be strict and the robots are going to take over the world because they are stronger and they are very fast, well, they can be strong and fast but still, like we said before that it is controlled by humans and be shut down by humans. Though there are different types of robots that are used by different event management agencies in Dubai, and specially the latest robot called Titan the Robot in Dubai, it is said to serve drinks to guests and crack some jokes. There are some fascinating facts about robots, if you read them, it will def blow your brains out;

Did you know that the word robot comes from Czech? And there they call it Robota which means Drudgery which means hard work and that also means forced labor. Though the old Czech had a reputation of making people work like slaves and that is why the word is also coined from there.

We have seen many kinds of robots but did you ever wonder that who or we can say that what kind of robot was first ever made? The first ever robot was called a George Devol and it was said to be the first digital robot.

Robots have been helping humans from many years. But did you know that they have been serving mankind in many ways? And you will be shocked to know that there had been many robots made that are used to defuse bombs. Feeling proud of robots now! And more shockingly that they have been doing this for the past 40 years and such robots are called Crude Robots.

Japan is said to be the most developed country in terms of tech and you will be shocked to know that the govt spends one third of their expenditure in tech for helping the elderly and differently abled people. Do you know that there is a robot named Sophia that has canadian citizenship? These are some truly mind blowing facts!