Facts About Furniture

When we say that we have bought a house, then we also want to make it a home and making a house into a home is a very long procedure. There are tons of things that you have to do, you have to paint the walls, get the curtains, get the floor panels and the lights that set the mood and mostly important, you have to get furniture. a home without furniture means that it is an empty space with your own voice echoing in it. And yes, this is a fact that if you don’t put furniture in your home, your own voice will echo in your home. There are some people who like to buy less furniture and, on the other hand, there are a lot of people who buy so much furniture that they have to get the furniture storage in Dubai.

If you have also just bought a home and you want to buy some furniture but you don’t know a thing about furniture and if that is the case then you have to keep reading and look at here now, because here, we have mentioned some very little known about facts about furniture below;

Office Chair race: we all love to swing around office chairs and it is a fun thing to do and that is why in 2009, Bad Koeing Zell, in Germany hosted a race where the people raced while sitting on their chair and shockingly there were 70 participants.

Furniture is expensive: you will be shocked to know that any type of furniture is said to be the third most expensive things that a regular person would buy after the car and a home. Because each day, the furniture industry is growing and that is why the prices are increasing as well.

Rocking chair: it is a chair that constantly rocks when you push it once and there was a guy named Dennis Easterling and he had the rocking the chair for 480 hours without stopping or pausing.

Leather: if there was no furniture industry then there would have been no leather and that is why butchers sell them to leather company.

Sofa: even though you are such active, still you will be sitting o the sofa for many hours as well.